Mazda continues Global Growth

Japanese manufacturer Mazda announced late last week its Global full year financial sales results. During the last 12 months, in their current financial period (ending on 31st March 2019), they made sales of 1,561,000 vehicles.

South East Asia is where Mazda made its highest increase in sales with 137,000 vehicles being sold which is an 18% increase. Japan helped the growth with sales up 2% to 215,000 units. Making its way closer to home, 270,000 vehicles were delivered in Europe with the Mazda CX-5 being by far the most popular choice. Spain sales went up to 21,000 units which is a 5% increase and the UK a 1% increase to 39,000 vehicles. Adding to these figures China sold 247,000 and North America 421,000 units.

Planning for their future, the Japanese breand will continue to finance the next generation of technology and products. With the launches of the Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30 starting this financial year, they hope to increase the Global sales to 1.8 million vehicles by March 2025.

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