Caredriver: Powered by Skoda

Caredriver App

Caredriver App

Caredriver (who are powered by Skoda) offers transport services to children, the elderly and those with disabilities. Caredriver, which was established in Hamburg, Germany, works by a person from the public contacting them and stating where and when they need help or picked up from. The Caredriver team then sends out a driver to meet the person or people at the designated location and will cater to their needs whether that be a care, driving or a journey of discovery.

Suitable drivers, referred to as ‘CareProfs’, are selected following a strict procedure. Each care professional is vetted against a 10-point checklist and is subsequently continuously assessed. In addition to experience with children or the elderly, they must also demonstrate their social and communicative skills and have a clear criminal record. Drivers must also have held a driving licence for a minimum of 3 years. This means that CareDriver customers can count on friendly and qualified staff.

Launching soon in Prague, Skoda will also provide four Octavia Combis at a special rate. Collaboration partners will provide further assistance if required, for example with the transporting of wheelchairs. Bookings will be made via the website, the CareDriver app or by telephone. Customers will pay for the mobility service based on how long they use it for; a 20-km journey is included in the base price. CareDriver will begin operation in Prague in summer 2019.

Andre Wehner, Chief Digital Officer at ŠKODA AUTO, said, “Skoda Auto is transforming into a provider of integral mobility services. There are many aspects to mobility. Skoda is therefore developing mobility concepts, which allow us to offer our customers tailor-made solutions to suit their individual needs. For the past two years, CareDriver has been valuably contributing to society in Germany and positive feedback from our customers has convinced us to now launch this service in Prague as well.”

Jarmila Plachá, Head of Skoda Auto DigiLab, added, “The innovative CareDriver mobility and social care service brings together individual support and mobility and has proven useful in everyday life – also thanks to the intensive support of Skoda Auto DigiLab. We would therefore like to expand the project into the Czech Republic and also offer mobility as a service to those who aren’t mobile for whatever reason.”

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