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A hybrid vehicle combines either a conventional diesel or a petrol engine with an electric powered motor. The electrical engine usually offers lower speed travel, whilst the other engine kicks in as the driver accelerates into higher speeds. The dual-engine combination conserves electricity and fuel consumption, so whilst the diesel or petrol engine is in power the electric engine is recharging.

Combining the two engines allows for both great power and performance, whilst offering less CO2 emissions than other cars on the market and having lower running costs so it’s no wonder there are more and more hybrid vehicles on the market with their cost-saving capabilities and fuel efficiency. Since a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars coming into effect in 2040 many manufactures will have hybrid vehicles as the main focus in the years to come. Though the hybrids do a great job when it comes to running costs and fuel efficiency it means the price of the vehicles has skyrocketed.

Here at think auto leasing you are able to lease a hybrid or electric vehicle at a more than affordable price, spread over an agreed term. We offer both Personal and Business leasing options with the flexibility of deciding how long you would like the contract to be from either 24, 36 or 48 months. See below for our great Hybrid and Electric range.

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