All-New Renault Captur E-TECH Plug-in hybrid

Renault has introduced an E-TECH plug-in hybrid powertrain into its most popular car in the UK: the Captur. It gives buyers of this best-selling model more choice than ever with a broad choice of engine and powertrain options, with an E-TECH hybrid version also following in 2021.

The Captur is a strong competitor in the UK. Since it went on sale in 2013, is has become the best-selling Renault model in the country with more than 150,000 sales.

Comprehensively redesigned for its second generation, the All-New Captur comes with a range of petrol, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains across several trim levels. This offers crossover buyers an enticing family car with flexible, high-quality interior, strong performance and low running costs.

Renault Captur E-TECH

Further enhancing the appeal of the Captur are its advanced new E-TECH powertrains, introducing plug-in hybrid power to the Renault range for the first time, with a full hybrid joining the range in 2021.

Debuting advanced technology inspired by the Renault DP World F1 team for energy optimisation and brake regeneration, all models fitted with E-TECH technology offer customers strong performance with low running costs, enhancing the driving experience and refinement of Captur models.

Renault’s best-selling model in the UK now features the latest technology to boost performance and efficiency. It comes in three high-specification trim levels: S Edition, Launch Edition and R.S Line.

The electrification of Renault models has been easy thanks to the versatile CMF-B modular architecture that was designed from the start to accept electric capabilities.

The advanced E-TECH powertrain has been created with knowledge gained from the Renault DP World F1 team, inspiring the energy use and recovery systems that are key in ensuring all Renault E-TECH hybrid and E-TECH plug-in hybrid vehicles are as efficient and effective as possible.

Technology that’s found in an E-TECH powertrain can be broken down into two categories; the first is the way in which energy use and recovery can be optimised, while the other is the application of an innovative multi-mode dog gearbox for the first time in a production vehicle.

E-TECH powertrains are designed to use the optimal energy output to recharge the battery whenever the energy created is more than the required power. Then, kinetic energy recovered during deceleration or braking can be transformed into electrical energy to recharge the battery. The electrical energy is then in reserve to assist with acceleration, or for all-electric operation at lower speeds in urban areas, later in a journey.

The E-TECH powertrain architecture is paired with a multi-mode dog gearbox. In operation, it allows the vehicle to start in 100 per cent electric mode, significantly reducing the gap in acceleration during gear changes. This means a smoother, more refined drive in production vehicles, as well as better performance.

Performance, economy and driving
The most powerful in the range, the E-TECH plug-in hybrid powertrain delivers 160hp and 144Nm (engine) and 205Nm (electric motor) of torque that, in combination, deliver a 0-62mph time of 10.1 seconds and a top speed of 108mph (84mph in electric mode).

The E-TECH powertrain boasts CO2 emissions of as little as 34g/km with fuel economy of up to 188.3mpg.

MULTI-SENSE driving mode selection is standard on all E-TECH-equipped models, to alter the driving experience to the situation.

Renault Captur E-TECH

Safety and Driver Assistance
All-New Captur has been awarded the maximum 5-star Euro NCAP safety test rating.

For a safe and reassuring driving experience, All-New Captur is equipped with the latest suite of safety and driver assistance technologies.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go: All-New Captur maintains a safe following distance from the vehicle in front. In traffic jams, the vehicle stops and restarts when the traffic lane starts moving again.

360-degree camera: With its panoramic view, the 360-degree camera helps to guide the driver into the tightest spots.

Renault Pure Vision LED headlights with automatic high/low beam: The Pure Vision full LED headlights and automatic high and low beam improve safety and visibility at night. All-New Captur will automatically switch to low beam as the driver enters a built-up area or approaches another vehicle.

Traffic and Motorway Assistance: Active from 0 to 100mph, the system regulates speed and maintains a safe following distance from the vehicle in front, while ensuring the car is kept in the centre of the lane. This system lets the driver stop and restart automatically within three seconds without any input from the driver.

Blind Spot Warning: An indicator light located in each of the door mirrors warns the driver when a vehicle is in their blind spot, for example when changing lanes on the motorway.

Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist: All-New Captur alerts the driver and corrects their trajectory in the event of a lane departure without using the indicator. This is standard across the range.

Automatic Emergency Braking System: All-New Captur watches over the driver and the surroundings. If there is sharp braking ahead or a pedestrian crossing the road, the car warns the driver and can automatically perform emergency braking if they do not.

Traffic Sign Recognition: A camera constantly monitors and reads traffic signs to inform the driver of the speed on that road, so the driver can always adapt their speed accordingly.

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